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For doctors and laboratories

For doctors and labs

As laboratories and submitting physicians, you bear a special responsibility for your patients: As gynecologists, you are the first point of contact and most important confidant in the event of a diagnosis of mild or moderate dysplasia, which initially pulls the rug out from under most women.

It is now up to you to immediately allay your patient’s fears, educate her on what the dysplasia finding means, and answer any associated questions she may have, such as: Will I get cancer? Do I need surgery? Can I still have children? What is the forecast?

Not an easy task, is it?

However, today it is! Thanks to the multiple award-winning Cytoactiv lab test. It is used in pathology labs to determine from the swab material sent in whether the L1 capsid protein is present, which activates the body’s self-healing powers.

Hand in hand
Diagnostic competence in the laboratory for prognostic evaluation of PAP IIID: there is no faster, clearer and more reliable method.

A win-win situation for all involved!


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