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Griesser, H. et al.: “Prognostic Significance of HPV Vaccine Protein L1 Detection with Cytoactiv”

is the latest Cytoactiv study, which has now been published at the 27th International HPV Congress in Berlin. This international multicenter study, with over 800 mild and moderate dysplasias, is the largest prospective randomized study of HPV L1 detection with Cytoactiv to date. The findings of this study are: Cytoactiv positive PapIIID, as a productive HPV infection, have a low progression potential, justifying a wait-and-see approach with cytologic smear checks to avoid overtreatment.
Cytoactively negative PapIIID, as nonproductive HPV infection or precancerous lesions, have a high potential for progression, so that close monitoring with colposcopy and histological clarification seems advisable.

synlab informs about optimized Pap IIID management

In issue 2 of its customer magazine, labor & werte, synlab Lab Services provides information on Optimized Pap IIID Management with Cytoactiv and HPVix.

Cytoactiv study receives poster award
On the occasion of the 5th meeting of the AZÄD (Arbeitsgemeinschaft zytologisch tätiger Ärzte in Deutschland e.V.) in Cologne, Germany, in April 2012, the latest Cytoactiv study was awarded 1st place in the 2012 poster award.